You’re probably thinking: Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down, what’s that? The Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down Challenge: A deadly combination of planks and push ups. A world-class achievement. Click here to watch the Bring Sally Up – Push Up Video Challege (Iron fist edition on stone Sensei Jacky style). All ingredients added for a nice fists of steel challenge. On the bare knuckles on stone. How does the challenge work? In the song Flower by pop musician Moby, ‘Bring Sally up, bring Sally down’ resonates 33 times. Lyrics that you can use as a sportsman. Obviously you move up on ‘Sally up’ and down on ‘Sally down’. Listening to these commands you move up and down: 3.27 minutes to be exact. I wish you a lot of success! Click here to view our martial arts challenges page.